Organic Herbal Infusion Chamomile Verbena.

Our Blue Sky Chamomile ensures relaxing moments – at any time of day. Only the best and sweetest chamomile flowers find their way into our tea blend of verbena and many other natural herbs. Pour, lean back and relax – almost as relaxing as a small powernap in a summer meadow.


Biodegradable packaging, tea bag, string and tag
- FSC-certified packaging
- Suitable for cups and mugs up to 0.3l
- Special aroma protection due to high-quality, heat sealed envelope
- Perforated box for easy removal of the tea bags
- Transparent tea bags allow consumers to see the tea leaves in the bag
- Close-meshed pores of the bag guarantee immediate infusion and optimal development of the flavours and aroma
- Consumer Unit (CU) = 20 Tea Bags


BLUE SKY CHAMOMILE (20 Pyramid tea bags)

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