Organic High Grown Green Tea Passion Fruit Papaya Morning, noon or evening – Fruit Wave will surely have you surfing wild fruit waves! Our passion fruit and papaya green tea pampers you with

a large portion of fruity freshness along with abounding antioxidants – for extra power and vitality in your life.


Selected High grown Tea and Herbal-/Spice Infusions in biodegradable Filter bag
Individually packed in biodegradable NatureFlex* Envelope
Tea bag Label FSC certified
Consumer Unit (CU) = 1 Serving
Trading Unit (TU) = 60 Consumer Units (CU)
Suitable for up to 0.45l servings
* NatureFlex films are made from renewable raw materials and are certified in the EU under DIN No. EN 13432


FRUIT WAVE Convenience Tea Bag (60pc)

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