Organic Herbal Infusion Licorice Mint

LAttention liquorice fans! Our Sweetheart Liquorice from Scandinavia
brings the finest liquorice notes to your tongue and inspires you with its
enchanting fragrance. In combination with fresh mint, comes the chance
for a unique Nordic tea moment. Cheerio my Sweetheart!


  • Biodegradable packaging, tea bag, string and tag
  • FSC-certified packaging
  • Suitable for cups and mugs up to 0.3l
  • Special aroma protection due to high-quality, heat sealed envelope
  • Perforated box for easy removal of the tea bags
  • Transparent tea bags allow consumers to see the tea leaves in the bag
  • Close-meshed pores of the bag guarantee immediate infusio and optimal development of the flavours and aroma.
  • Each tea bag 2.0gr


SWEETHEART LICQURICE (20 Pyramid tea bags)

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