Unique Design with an important Message

For JUST T, sustainability does not end with the product content and packaging materials. The special
illustrations also reflect our love for high-quality, sustainable products that set trends and stand out visually from our competitors. When looking at the new JUST T packaging, fans of high-quality tea
experience a special mood that makes them a participant in the movement of “responsible enjoyment”.


Also, in the illustrations, the theme of nature - especially the important topic of healthy water – is put in the foreground: Each JUST T variety shows a special place where water plays an outstanding role for the mood, the nature and the people. “Just T - every drop counts”

What does that mean for us?

For us as a family and as a sustainable company, water plays a central role - in a double sense: Firstly, we act with the belief that if everyone makes a small contribution regarding environmental protection, the world moves. Everyone can do something within the framework that is feasible for him or her - even if it is a small step, a tiny drop. Together, these small drops create big waves. Secondly, for us, the focus is put on the topic of clean water since we as a tea manufacturer with a long history, but also as passionate tea lovers, rely on healthy, pure water.

We know: Without healthy water, high-quality tea is worthless.

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